Harvest Connect & Flourish Software Announce Partnership in Advance of Georgia’s Emerging Hemp Industry

Georgia-based companies prepare to ramp up cultivation, processing and distribution of locally produced CBD with industry-specific supply chain and inventory management software

ATLANTA (Mar. 10, 2020)Harvest Connect LLC, a leading Georgia-based hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) extraction and retail company, has announced its partnership with fellow Georgia business, Flourish Software. Flourish brings national experience in various state and federal compliance laws to Harvest Connect’s extensive expertise in consumer packaged goods (CPG), entrepreneurship and national brand strategy.

Despite some delays from the state of Georgia in rolling out its regulatory framework for hemp production under the federal 2018 Farm Bill and the 2019 Georgia Hemp Farming Act, Harvest Connect is preparing for pivotal growth in the agricultural, manufacturing and retail sectors related to the cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution of hemp and low-THC CBD products. Harvest Connect will implement Flourish’s leading “seed-to-sale” supply chain technology solution to ramp up operations and accelerate growth in part by utilizing its cloud-based enterprise platform, which has been built and designed specifically for hemp, CBD and regulated-cannabis markets.

Harvest Connect CEO Kevin P. Quirk notes, “Hemp is a heavily-regulated industry and compliance with federal and state laws can determine the success of a CBD company. Our aim is to streamline processes through Flourish’s cloud-based platform for the benefit of the farmers in our network. Our partnership with Flourish keeps the entire Harvest Connect ecosystem from seed to sale operating with best-in-class efficiencies and regulatory compliance.”

Flourish complements Harvest Connect’s mission to improve lives through the health and wellness benefits of Georgia-grown low-THC cannabis products with its award-winning technology, which was recognized by the National Cannabis Industry Association for Excellence in Technology, as well as with the 2019 Cannabis Independent Innovation Award: Best Overall Cannabis Business Services.

“This partnership comes at a great time now that the industry, which is having a massive economic impact across the country, is expanding in Georgia thanks to recent legislative changes,” says Colton Griffin, CEO of Flourish Software. “We have deep experience working with companies throughout the U.S., and being based in Atlanta, we are excited for this partnership and to finally bring our compliance and supply chain knowledge to Georgia’s hemp and CBD companies. We are happy to continue expanding our customer base in the hemp and CBD markets and to promote our partners’ growth by enabling automation at each link in their supply chain, from seed to sale.”

Harvest Connect and its family of brands, including CBD Store and More and Graceleaf, have assembled a team of Georgians who have been working in other states to build expertise across the entire supply chain for hemp-derived CBD and low-THC medical marijuana. “Now that local legislation is progressing, we’re able to come back home to work and help Georgians who will benefit from the use of these products for various conditions, pending our successful licensing from the State of Georgia,” adds Quirk.

Harvest Connect will use the Flourish application to manage purchasing, inventory, outbound, manufacturing, labeling and packaging through both a web-based application as well as a mobile application compatible with both Android and iOS devices.